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Location:  Mt. Airy region of Philadelphia

  • Professional Masseur
  • Appointments by Call/Text:  (267) 972-7273
  • In-house Spa appointments, servicing clients from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington
  • Cash accepted for payment of services
  • Services offered:  Swedish, Thai, Hawaiian and Reflexology

Pricing of services:

  1. 60-minute session = $65

My services & availability:

Call or text:  (267) 972-7273


I’m a 45-year-old Retired Nurse of 20 years. I received training in California, Florida, and Holland, where I received Swedish massages regularly. 

I decided to Incorporate these techniques and my experiences and to offer this unique and specialized service to Males ages 25 to 80, for rejuvenation and relaxation.  This massage is clean and safe.  I am also proficient in Reflexology.  Please let me know which type of massage you prefer to receive.

Any man, no matter who they partner with, can experience enjoyment when their entire system is stimulated.

As more men and their partners explore the pleasures of massage, we hope there will be more honest conversations about how healthy it is!  You can successfully expand your life by exploring massage. Trust us, it’s a pleasure worth exploring.

I am typically available for appointments Monday thru Friday, from 11am to 11pm, and have flexible hours on weekends.

                             - Tamir

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