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Some ideas about how to incorporate and use the Grindr app to drive local traffic to your web page.  This is currently the #1 app used by men in the gay community across North America.  Click the link for tips on how to use the app and set-up a profile.

For every client, I use a Pre-Massage Self-Assessment form (click the link to open a PDF).  My purpose in using this form is to have the client identify for me the areas where they have the greatest need for my attention.  Once completed, we have a brief discussion about the cause/source of the pain and develop a strategy for the massage session.  Afterwards, we discuss whether I was successful in addressing the needs that were identified during the Consultation.  The net effect is, as a Masseur I can focus my time on the areas that the client identified, and the record enables me to do follow-up - which leads to repeat business!

Every M2M Masseur has a personalized You Tube Video that has been created so that you can promote your massage practice.  Many apps and social media sites allow you to share your You Tube link.  


Running and operating a profitable massage practice takes time, talent, and careful planning.  This page has been designed to provide Masseurs in the Man2ManMassages Network with resources that they can utilize to increase traffic to your web page, customer bookings, and repeat clients.  As we are a 'Network', feel free to share with us a tool that you have had success with, in your own practice.  

Jack'd is another gay app that can be used to drive local traffic to your web page.  This app is more popular in certain markets and has race-specific popularity (i.e., younger Asian guys).  Before setting-up a profile, check to ensure that the audience is relevant to your business plan and objectives.

Every M2M Masseur has this icon installed to their personal web page.  Getting clients to rate their experience with you can go a long way to improving your practice, getting praise for your work, and earning references from clients!  Ask your clients - past and current - to visit this page and review your work!

Every M2M Masseur has a this icon installed to their personal web page.  Encourage your clients to register to win a 60-minute massage in our monthly draw.  This data base is used periodically to market massage services in your community. 


Setting up a Facebook business page can help you to promote your local practice.  The demographic for this app tends to be older users.

Canadian Masseurs can begin accepting credit and debit cards using Square.  There is no monthly fee, and the transaction rate is relatively low.  

Instagram is owned by Facebook and tends to attract a younger demographic.  This is a visual site, where the key is to regularly upload photos with #tags.  Strategic tagging can get your image(s) seen by a lot of people in your region.  This app does lend itself to more of a "shot gun" approach to marketing.