Michael - Goodlettsville

Hours of operation:

I am typically available 7-days a week.  

     - 4-hand:  Monday to Saturday, after 7pm

     - 4-hand:  Sundays 8am to 8:30pm

     - 2-hand:  Weekends, after 7pm

     - 2-hand:  Tuesdays, after 7pm

Use the Online Booking Form to select your requested time and I will reply by email to confirm your appointment and provide you with my address and parking instructions.

​                                                          - Michael

Location:  Goodlettsville

  • Unlicensed practitioner
  • Appointments by Online Booking Form (see below)
  • Cash only
  • Offering full-body, deep tissue and relaxing massages.  2-hand or 4-hand massages available.

Pricing of services:

  1. 60-minute session = $55 for 2-handed massage
  2. 60-minute session = $85 for 4-handed massage

Book ONLINE with Michael:

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