It is imperative that members of the Man2ManMassages Network do not promote sexual services or sex acts on their personal web page. 

The US Government recently forced Craigslist to remove its' Personals ads - which most Masseurs used - and put out of business.  Websites that promote sexual services are at risk of being shut-down.

‚ÄčTo ensure that the Man2ManMassages Network remains compliant with current laws, a Masseur may not use language in their description which states or implies that a sexual service, or sex act, can be provided during a massage session.

Photos may not be suggestive in nature, or elude to a sexual service being performed during a massage session.  Bare-chested photos of a Masseur can be included, as many Masseurs will provide professional services shirtless.  For example:  Photos of crotches - whether clothed or not - are not appropriate for this website.

All forms of nudity are prohibited on the Man2ManMassages Network.

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