First, while we are not wanting to serve as a Censor for your content, we must adhere to standards which, if violated, could end the wonderful international Network that we have built for Masseurs.  To that end, we have adopted the following standards for Masseurs to promote their practice:


  1. Photos must not be sexually suggestive in nature, or elude to a sexual service being preformed during a massage session.
  2. While a bare chested photos of Masseurs can be included, a nude photo of a Masseur would be inappropriate.
  3. Frontal nudity photos of clients are prohibited from being used on the Network website.
  4. Photos which show the face of a client will require the written approval of the person depicted.
  5. All photos used must be owned by the submitting Masseur.  Do not send phots from the internet, or stock photos that you did not purchase.

Note:  Our marketing team can use tasteful nudity photos in geographically-specific social media posts to profile your membership in the Man2ManMassages Network.


  1. You may not include a description which eludes to a sexual act, (i.e., hand job, happy ending, etc.)
  2. Do not include massage services which are sexual in nature, (i.e., prostate massage, milking, etc.)