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If you need help tagging your Grindr profile photo, send us an email and include the photo you want used, and the text that should be embedded.

Our advice - on setting up the Grindr profile:

  1. Use your name, (i.e., Michael) or the pseudonym that you operate your massage business under.  Your profile will be automatically rejected if you try to create a handle that implies 'massage', 'masseur', 'rubs', etc.  It is best to use a real name, so that guys that view your profile can initiate a conversation using your name.
  2. Provide appropriate details during the set-up, and when asked provide the contact details that you use for your business.
  3. The profile photo is the key to using Grindr effectively, and within their guidelines.  In most cases, our Marketing team has already prepared and send you a profile photo (of you) that we believe will be acceptable to publish and use.  The typical photo is a healthy picture depicting you, with the term 'Professional Masseur' tagged.  As stated above, do not use a photo with your weblink, as this will be rejected by the site Monitor.  The profile photo that I use on this site has been included as an example.  
  4. The use of the term 'Professional Masseur' will often ensure that guys that message you are serious about potentially hiring you for a massage.

Our advice - using the Grindr app:

  1. When guys on the app message you, they are typically looking for more information.  At this point, I send them one of my tagged photos that includes the link to my personal web page.  I reply with a message that invites them to review my service offering on that site.
  2. Something you may not do on Grindr, is message guys offering a massage service.  If you do this enough, someone will complain and the Monitor will permanently ban you from using their app.
  3. This app is used exclusively by men - both gay and bisexual.  If you are uncomfortable with this demographic group, I would suggest not using Grindr.
  4. Some member Masseurs provided explicit photos - which cannot be used on the M2M site - but can be forwarded to a guy who messages you on Grindr.   
  5. Before you reply and/or send someone on Grindr a message/pic, ask yourself if the content properly reflects how you want to position yourself as a Masseur in the community.

Using the Grindr App:

Some ideas about how to incorporate and use the Grindr app to drive local traffic to your web page.  This is currently the #1 app used by men in the gay community across North America.  In order to create and use the Grindr app, you will need a smart phone or tablet.  You can download the app from both the Apple App Store or at Google Play.

Profile Guidelines for Grindr
Basically, we don’t allow pornography, but since “you know it when you see it” is a little vague, here’s some specifics:

  • You can’t be naked.
  • Seriously, you can’t be naked.
  • We shouldn’t be able to make out your genitals through your clothing, i.e. no contour or “tenting.”
  • If you’re only in your undies, you gotta show your face. Just trying to keep it clean, folks.
  • Sex acts or toys, real or mimicked (groping, masturbation, etc.) are a no-go.
  • There’s no advertising. If you have something to sell, please contact our ad department.
  • Don’t be overtly suggestive, racist, bigoted, or anything else that might offend our community.
  • Please don’t promote unsafe sex.
  • No photos or mentioning of firearms, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, including emoji. That kind of thing just causes trouble.
  • Copyrighted pictures or illustrations are, well … copyrighted, so legally we can’t let them through.
  • No photos of anyone under the age of 18. Period.
  • Don’t impersonate anyone, not even celebrities.
  • Other than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the Social Link field, for everyone’s safety, please don’t include any other web links.

Notice: Any violation of the above guidelines could result in a permanent ban from Grindr. We reserve the right to remove/crop any photo and/or text we perceive to be outside these guidelines.