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Low-cost Membership

If you want a low-cost means to tap into the market where male clients are seeking out professional Masseurs for massage treatments and professional services, we encourage you to sign-up for a free trial profile!

  • Low-cost!  Only $10 per month  (if billed annually), or just $15/month if billed quarterly.  Sign-up and get a 3-month trial profile for FREE.
  • No set-up fee  for your personal Man2ManMassages profile webpage, where you describe the services you offer, list prices, post your hours of availability, and upload your photos.  No credit card required!  There is no cost until your free trial expires, and only if you decide to maintain a membership in the M2M Network.
  • Benefits: You are getting a personalized web page, hosting services, creative work, site maintenance, and membership in an international M2M Network.  Plus, we will are actively marketing the Man2ManMassages Network in your community every day!
  • Free updates  to your personal profile webpage.  Add content or edit your operational hours, rates, or service offering without additional cost. Update photos, rates, hours of availability simply by sending an email.  Changes are done in-house, usually within one business day!
  • Link your personal website  or social media sites to your Man2ManMassages webpage.  
  • Licensed  and  Unlicensed Masseurs  are welcome to join the Man2ManMassages Network.  Our goal is to put Massage Practitioners in front of men who are seeking their service in their local community.
  • Quit any time.  There is no long-term commitment.  If your business goals change, simply withdraw from the Man2ManMassages Network.
  • Personalize your webpageWays to personalize your site, include: photos of your studio, a video introduction, customer feedback, or pictures of yourself (in addition to the headshot).  Describe your services, parking availability, availability of payment by credit card, courses you've taken, etc.
  • Web page editing:  Our dedicated and talented web team will make changes/additions/edits to your personal webpage as needed, when requested in writing.  Changes are typically completed within 24 hours.  Simply send an email with the changes!  If your phone number, email address, hours, or fee schedule changes - we'll update your site within a day!
  • Why use a head-shot photo?  Before launching the Man2ManMassages Network four years ago, we asked men (who had identified themselves as regular clients of male Masseurs) what they looked for before making a booking with a new Masseur?  The response was overwhelming; 92% of respondents said that they chose their Masseur (when using an online ad source) based upon whether he had a face picture in his ad or profile.  Upper torso photos without a face showing, typically get 75% fewer profile visits every month.  Review the Guidelines for photo submissions.
  • ​​Referrals: Refer a Masseur to join the M2M Massage Network and you will be credited with one additional Month, for each referral.  And - your friend will get 1 extra month too!
  • Resources:  As this is a Network of professionals, we will strive to provide members with access to shared information that has proven successful for practices across the country.  Click here.
  • Exchanges:  Reach out to other Man2ManMassages Network professionals in your community and suggest an exchange of services.  We all need to get massaged frequently, and who better to trade services with, than a Network member!  Pick-up tips and new techniques.  Share marketing ideas to promote your practices.  Talk about good and bad client experiences.