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Are you a Masseur?

Our member Masseurs within the Man2ManMassages network offer a variety of services to match their skill set.

Potential clients can review the specific services that are offered by the Masseurs in your community, and select the practitioner that best suits your needs.

While many of our Masseurs are not licensed, their profile page will indicate their current licensing status in their jurisdiction.  In some cases, our members can offer receipts to clients for their health insurance coverage.

Services offered?


If you are a Masseur that would like to tap into the man-to-man market for personal massage services in your region, click the link below.  

Welcome to the Man2ManMassages network

FACT:  An increasing number of men are seeking professional and personal massage services from Masseurs and male attendants.


The Man2ManMassages network allows potential clients to identify Masseurs in their community - or, where they may be travelling - who specialize in massage services for men.

There are a variety of reasons why men prefer a male massage attendant, and all of the Masseurs in our network are open-minded, professional-acting, and focused upon client satisfaction.

As our network grows, we will add cities in Canada and the USA where massage services for men - delivered by a man - are being offered.  Click the link below to begin your search.


1. Select your current Location or travel destination.
2.  Review the personal profiles of Masseurs in your area; compare photos, services offered, and their service fee.
3a. Complete the Online Booking Form which will be sent directly to your Masseur.

      - OR -

3b. Call / Text / Email your preferred Masseur, using the number or address provided on his personal profile web page.